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Speeding Tickets

Of the four million odd traffic infractions in Florida every year, speeding violations are the most common. Any traffic violation can see you pay fines, gain points on your license, suffer increased insurance costs and possibly lose your license for a period. It may be worth fighting a speeding ticket



With the introduction of many more red light cameras throughout Florida over the last few years, the chance that you get a red light violation ticket is much higher than previously. Failing to stop at a stop sign or passing a red light at an intersection is a serious traffic violation in Florida



In Florida, driving under the influence (DUI) laws are harsh. If you are caught driving after consuming too many drinks, don’t expect to be treated lightly by law enforcers, as this will not happen. You can expect, if convicted, to gain a criminal record, which can affect you for the rest of your life.


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Why you Need a Florida Traffic Lawyer

Many people who get handed a traffic ticket in Florida think that it is too much trouble to challenge the citation and just end up pleading guilty and paying the fine. If that was all there was to a traffic ticket, then it might be a sensible option, but unfortunately, there are often additional consequences. A guilty plea can be more costly and inconvenient than first imagined.

For those people whose ticket can prove to be costly, it may make sense to hire a Florida traffic lawyer to help challenge the ticket and get the charge dismissed altogether or at least reduced in severity.

How a Simple Traffic Ticket can be a Costly Mistake

Like many other states, Florida uses a points system to monitor driver behavior and penalize those drivers that are a danger to other people. The points system is accumulative, so if you get more than one ticket, the points add up and can mean the loss of your license if the total in a defined period gets too high. Losing your license can be more than just an inconvenience. To many people it is the only way to get to college or work. Losing a commercial driver license can mean more than that as it will mean it is impossible to stay in the job.

In addition to the loss of your license, the most costly part of a traffic ticket is not the fine as such, but the effect it has on your insurance premium. Insurance companies base premiums on their assessment of the risk you demonstrate as a driver. When you drive without having an accident and without being involved in a traffic violation, your premium remains steady or can even decline. If you gain points or get a criminal conviction, then this is viewed as increased risk and your premium will go up.

Some Traffic Violations are Criminal Offenses

In Florida, there are some traffic violations that will go on your driving record as criminal convictions. These include reckless driving and driving under the influence (DUI). If you are at the scene of an accident and leave the scene without reporting it, then this can also be a criminal offense. These sorts of traffic offenses are much more serious than speeding or stop sign violations and if you are convicted you and your family will be affected for much longer than if you had an ordinary traffic offense. You could go to jail, be required to undertake probation, and you could lose your license for a minimum of three months and possibly longer. DUI and reckless driving are usually considered misdemeanors, unless somebody has been seriously injured  because of the way you were driving or it is a third or fourth offense. These charges can often be challenged successfully by an experienced Florida traffic lawyer. The way you were arrested is not always clear cut and may involve a police officer using subjective judgment. DUI testing for blood alcohol content can also lead to faulty results. You shouldn’t accept a charge of DUI or reckless driving if you are not guilty. Hire a Florida lawyer to help you fight your charge and try and get it dismissed


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    At the start of the fiscal year, it is worthwhile knowing the new state laws affecting drivers. Florida – Drivers in Florida will longer be issued tickets for turning right on red at the corner of red-light camera if they stop completely before they turn even if the drivers fail to stop prior to the stop line. Motorists need to slow to move out to of the fast lane. There are [...]